Catenis Enterprise API

Catenis Enterprise API Change Log

API ver. 0.10, 2020-06-26

  • New message related public API method:
    • Retrieve Message Origin

API ver. 0.9, 2020-01-21

  • Updated Log Message, Send Message, Read Message and Retrieve Message Container API methods:
    • added support for Catenis off-chain messages, which is on by default

API ver. 0.8, 2019-08-14

  • Updated List Messages and Retrieve Asset Issuance History API methods:
    • added new limit and skip parameters to query string
    • replaced countExceeded property with new hasMore property in returned data
  • New behavior for Retrieve Message Container API method:
    • target virtual device is now allowed to retrieve container info of received messages
  • Changes to Catenis notification service:
    • new URI format for notification endpoints, which are now only dependent on the API version

API ver. 0.7 (updated), 2019-05-30

  • New version (ver. 0.2) of the WebSocket message dispatcher, which includes the following new feature:
    • sends Notification Channel Open message in response to successfully received Authentication message

API ver. 0.7, 2019-03-16

  • Updated Log Message, Send Message and Read Message API methods:
    • added capability to pass/read message in chunks
    • added capability to process message asynchronously
  • New message related API method:
    • Retrieve Message Progress
  • Updated version (ver. 0.3) of the Catenis notification service, which defines the following new notification event:
    • final-msg-progress - Progress of asynchronous message processing has come to an end

API ver. 0.6, 2018-04-04

  • New smart asset related API methods:
    • Issue Asset
    • Reissue Asset
    • Transfer Asset
    • Retrieve Asset Info
    • Get Asset Balance
    • List Owned Assets
    • List Issued  Assets
    • Retrieve Asset Issuance History
    • List Asset Holders
  • Definition of the following new permission events:
    • receive-notify-asset-of - Receive notification of asset received for assets issued by a device
    • receive-notify-asset-from - Receive notification of asset received from a device
    • receive-notify-confirm-asset-of - Receive notification of confirmation of pending asset issued by a device
    • receive-notify-confirm-asset-from - Receive notification of confirmation of pending asset transferred by a device
    • receive-asset-of - Receive an amount of an asset issued by a device
    • receive-asset-from - Receive an amount of an asset from a device
  • Updated version (ver. 0.2) of the Catenis notification service, which defines the following new notification events:
    • asset-received - An amount of an asset has been received
    • asset-confirmed - An amount of an asset that was pending due to an asset transfer has been confirmed

API ver. 0.5, 2017-10-21

  • Updated Send Message API method:
    • added new readConfirmation property to the options input parameter
  • Updated List Messages API method:
    • added two new properties to the returned message entries: readConfirmationEnabled, and msgCount

API ver. 0.4, 2017-09-09

  • New permission related API methods:
    • List Permission Events
    • Retrieve Permission Rights
    • Set Permission Rights
    • Check Effective Permission Right
    • Retrieve Device Identification Info
  • New notification related API method:
    • List Notification Events
  • Definition of the following permission events:
    • receive-notify-new-msg - Receive notification of new message from a device
    • receive-notify-msg-read - Receive notification of message read by a device
    • send-read-msg-confirm - Send read message confirmation to a device
    • receive-msg - Receive message from a device
    • disclose-main-props - Disclose device's main properties (name, product unique ID) to a device
    • disclose-identity-info - Disclose device's basic identification information to a device
  • New Catenis notification service (ver. 0.1), which defines the following notification events:
    • new-msg-received - A new message has been received
    • sent-msg-read - Previously sent message has been read by intended receiver (target device)
  • New WebSocket notification message dispatcher (ver. 0.1)

API ver. 0.3, 2017-06-17

  • New message related API method:
    • List Messages
  • Updated Read Message API method:
    • added new action property to returned data

API ver. 0.2, 2017-04-08

  • New message related API method:
    • Retrieve Message Container
  • Updated Log Message and Send Message API methods:
    • removed txid property from returned data
    • added new messageId property to returned data

API ver. 0.1, 2017-02-24

  • Initial version including the following message related API methods:
    • Log Message
    • Send Message
    • Read Message
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